Employment Choices

Our Three Employment Choices

As a boutique style recruiting firm, we offer a number of hiring options for our clients. All of our candidates are pre-screened and tested for the appropriate software levels required of a particular position. We will always try and meet every candidate that we present to our clients. If for some reason we have not met a candidate presented, we will always inform our client.


Our team of professionals will find you a candidate whether it’s for one day, a week or indefinitely; our minimum length of an assignment is 4 hours. We also know there will be times when you need someone ASAP and we can accommodate that need as well.

We partner with a national PEO, a third party payroll company, that administers and handles the payroll, taxes, insurance and worker’s comp issues for all contract employees; they assume full responsibility as the employer of record and any employee liabilities for each temporary employee at our client companies.

The bill rate is established when you call us with the details and you are billed for only the hours actually worked. We are the main contact with the temporary employee and will provide information regarding the location, time frame, hourly rate and hours of the position.


Our Temp-to-Hire option can range from a couple of weeks to a particular period of time. As the client, you choose the time frame that best suits your needs. We are in constant contact throughout the length of the assignment with both the client and candidate to ensure it’s a mutual match.

Direct Hire

Our Direct Hire division offers many qualified candidates for all levels of positions. Our fees are based on the annual base salary. We also offer a replacement guarantee once we have established a working fee structure and have defined the skill set needed for the position.

We understand making a new hire is a big decision, whether it is a temp, temp to hire or direct hire for many organizations. Finding the “right” candidate is essential in this economy and market place. We are here to help you “sift” through the sand to find the “golden” candidate!