“I interviewed with Christie and met Peter about a year ago. I found a job then, and most recently wanted a change of career to the LA area, and Christie was the first I reached out too.
Literally within DAYS Christie and Peter worked to get me an exclusive interview in Beverly Hills. She trained me, updated me each step, gave me resume advice and was the best representation I could ever have.
I literally thought I was her only client – she provides such personalized advise and expertise, I was blown away.
After my interview it was maybe a day or two and I had my second interview and offered the position on the spot. Christie continued to negotiate on my behalf and advised me salary wise and career wise.

I could not recommend her enough, and her office is such a pleasure. She would respond to emails on weekends and always emails within an hour. I would ONLY choose her and Peter to represent me I the future or for anyone I know.

Don’t ever interview without meeting with her – she has a magical power that I know will bring her much success!”

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