Our Guarantee

It is our mission and policy to make our clients happy and secure with the candidates we place within their organization.  We work on a contingency basis so compensation is only earned once a client makes an offer of employment to the candidate, the offer is accepted and a start date approved.  If we cannot find the best candidate for you, there is absolutely no charge. (It’s like window shopping!)

Prior to any search on your job order(s), we will send you a fee agreement that will be approved and signed by you. Within this agreement we have put in place a guarantee/replacement policy for our clients which fortunately we have rarely had to use.

  1. If the candidate is terminated or leaves your employ within 60 calendar days of their start date, BGSS will replace the candidate at no charge and we will replace the same position with one additional candidate.*
  2. The candidate replacement will be done at no extra charge to the Company providing the position and salary remains the same. If the salary is changed, the invoice will be adjusted accordingly

BGSS would like the opportunity to refill any position which did not work out for you.  As a contingency firm we know we have to do our utmost to provide better service than our competition.

* The guarantee does not apply to cases where the original job description was substantially changed or misrepresented, or if the candidate’s termination is caused by corporate downsizing, corporate restructure, office closure or fee disputes.