Stop Asking Job Candidates to Prove Why They’re Right for the Job!

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Stop Asking Job Candidates to Prove Why They’re Right for the Job!
By Michael Ruiz
In today’s recruiting landscape, hiring the best people means making the interview process a two-way conversation.
Today, employers face hiring challenges at every level. The U.S. government reported a recorded high of 10.9 million job openings in July, and the National Federation of Independent Business said 51 percent of small-business owners were still struggling to hire employees in September. Understandably, franchise owners are anxious to recruit for right now. But they should also be hiring for the future, to ensure their company can grow with the right team. So how can they do both?
The answer: two-way conversations. In the past, employers and hiring managers have spent a lot of time talking “at” potential hires. They lord over candidates, so heavily armed with job descriptions, extensive checklists, and must-haves that they overlook how much candidates actually want the job. It’s an easy mistake. When someone applies for a position at your company, you automatically assume they are very interested. But for potential employees, there’s a difference between seeing a job’s potential on paper and being convinced the opportunities they’re looking for exist in a meaningful way. Understanding what a candidate wants not only streamlines the recruitment process but saves enormous resources in employee turnover.
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